Hello, I’m Revathi Gatti. I hold Master of Science in BIOCHEMISTRY, and I’m excited to share my budding passion for nutrition and well being with you.

I’m not a nutrition expert or a certified dietitian, but I am a health enthusiast on a mission to learn and grow. My interest in nutrition began when I realized the powerful connection between what we eat and how we feel.

You might be wondering why you should follow a blog from a beginner like me. Well, the journey of  discovery can be incredibly relatable. I’m taking you along with me as I explore the vast world of nutrition, share my experiences and learn from experts in the field.

This blog is a place for fellow beginner and curious minds who want to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Together, we’ll learn the basics of nutrition, tackle specific goals, and explore ways to make better food choices.

Outside my passion for nutrition, I am a nature lover, I love greens on the earth, where I feel solace and even walking outside. I really enjoy cooking, listening to music, dance,  and meditation for inner peace. I firmly believe in the balance between a nutritious diet and enjoying the good things in life.

I am eager to connect with my readers, especially those who are also on the path to nutritional discovery. If you have questions, suggestions or just want to say hello, you can reach out to me at gattirevathi1988@gmail.com

Join me on this exciting path to better health and wellbeing. Together, we’ll navigate the sometimes confusing world of nutrition and take steps toward a healthier, happier life.

Thank you for being a part of my beginner’s journey. Your support and shared experiences mean the world to me . Let’s learn, grow and embark on this nutritional adventure together.